Improvement is; changing the barren, unproductive or unusable soil to the rich and usable soil by using some methods and materials. By this way, soil characteristics like pH, permeability, texture could be improved besides mineral and organic substance contents.

It's possible that soil pH can be reduced by chemical ways but this solution is temporary and the pH decreases are far away to be economical because of the amount needed and the prices.

Ekonorm Mühendislik Toprak İyileştirme Ekonorm Mühendislik Toprak İyileştirme Ekonorm Mühendislik Toprak İyileştirme

The herbal wastes and organic fertilizers added to the soil create suitable texture and buffering materials and makes the soil reaches a structure ideal for planting. As recorded in academic publications, Legume family plants source the soil.

There are studies about the environmental benefits of organic coal and it can be used for soil improvement.

Ekonorm Mühendislik Toprak İyileştirme
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