Search Operation

Screening - Monitoring Form

Monitoring Form, In relation to studies carry on for Mining (drilling, cut, geophysics, sampling), according to the Regulations of EIA (Annex: 06.30.2011-27980 S.R.G. Dir. / 8 Art.) Annex VI-Search Operations Screening Monitoring Forms should be filled and approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Ekonorm Mühendislik Arama Faaliyetleri - Eleme Kontrol Formu
Search Operation Screening - Monitoring Form
Name, Adress, Phone and Fax Number of The Project Owner:
Project Name:
Name of the Selected Location for the Project, Location:
License Number:
Phone and Fax Number of the Working Team Whose preparing the Form:

Questions to Consider
Information Related to the Region of the Projet and Immediate surroundings that is Stated in List of Annex V
Coordinates of the Search Area
Type of the Search Operations(cut, drilling, geophysical etc.)
Existing Condition of the Project Site and the Nearest Settlement
Number of Employee and Equipment
Effects Arising Due to the Operation and Precautions to be Taken
Materials to Use in the Project and Quantities
Waste Production and Disposal Method
Natural Recovery / Rehabilitation Plan

Petition (1/25 000 scale topographic map) will be approved and signed.
Note: This form would be prepared by Environmental Engineer and Earth Scientist (Mining, Geology, and Geophysics Engineer).

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