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Improvement Plan Format of the Regulation Pertinent toStorage of Wastes

With Temporary Article 2 of the Regulation on Storage of Wastes published in the Official Journal No. 27533 dated 26 March 2010, the factors for the licensing of the existing landfill facilities has been specified and submitting an “Improvement Plan” for the existing field to the Ministry has been required as a prerequisite.

"Improvement Plan" must be compatible with business plan annexed to the circular date 05 November 2010 and number 2010/16.

Improvement Plans must be prepared by the expert corporation/organization/firms and submitted to the ministry by the business owner.

In this context Improvement Plan must be prepared as containing minimum regulations listed below.

a) Current Status:
1. Site location map of Sanitary Landfill (Landfill, executive/technical units etc.),
2. Coordinates and location of Sanitary Landfill at 1/25000 scaled contour map,
3. Current state plan of Sanitary Landfill, (executive/technical units scaled 1/5000-1/1000)
4. Tank bottom and leakage collection system,
5. Construction completion date and commissioning date of sanitary landfill,
6. Geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical report of sanitary landfill (must contain enough borehole and permeability studies for determination of ground conditions of the site), groundwater level and flow direction
7. Meteorological data,
8. Storage class, type and amount of stored waste, source of waste, code and analysis according to The Regulation on Landfill of Wastes,
9. The annual distribution of stored waste, present depth of fill and amount, profile and storage method, expected life of sanitary landfill,
10. Determination of the environmental impacts of the storage area, (leakage, risks to the groundwater etc.) Places of the observation wells and results of the samples,
11. Operating conditions, emergency action plan, information about personnel and equipment.

b) Planned Corrective Actions:
1) Regulatory activities related to the infrastructure of the site
• Amount of leakage caused by landfill, analysis and management system, (collecting the water, drainage, disposal system, observation wells and discharge point)
• Gas amount may have caused by landfill, analysis and management system,
• Regulations preventing the entry of the surface waters to the landfill,
• How the mass storage will be shape, materials to be used, firming, stabilization and calculations,
• Measures to be taken against the risk of fire,
• The measures provided at the Article6of the Regulation (odour, dust, wind, noise, vector, fire, security, ground stabilization, slope stabilization),
• Arrangements about the first paragraph of the tenth article of the Regulation

2) ) Corrective actions to the administrative units (administrative buildings, maintenance-repair, water, electricity and other structures)
• Waste reception unit, (ground stabilizition-impermeability, and steelyard)
• Existing on-site roads and studies for the improvement of them and their scales,
• Equipment information,

3) Corrective actions to do business and work procedures
• Organizational chart of groundsman who is technician or engineer, (number of personnel, shift number, certificate of field management and operating which has already been purchased, periodic training etc.)
• System related to the monitoring and control transactions,
• Arrangements for the Ministry reporting,
• Liability insurance for first class landfills,

c) Closure and Post-Closure Care:
• Monitoring system for gas and leachate composed at the sanitary landfill,
• Monitoring system for groundwater regime and quality around the field,
• Studies, plans and profiles to ensure sealing of the storage top after the storage body slope arrangement,
• Greening and landscaping of the landfill,

d) Information on New Lot:
• Certifies that it meets all the requirements of the regulation (plan, project and business principles)

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