Hydrogeology Services

Environment; is surroundings or conditions of an organism and earth has been developed within the first living being. It can also be defined as the ecosystem. Air, water and soil physical elements of the environment, human, animal, plant and other micro-organisms constitute the biological factors.

Hydrogeological research begins with the collection of the necessary data (temperature, evaporation, precipitation, geology, surface runoff, aquifer parameters, groundwater, etc.) of the field in order to execute the research. Provide preliminary information by examining the previous studies (literature, hydrogeological survey report). Enable to operate the hydrogeological model for different scenarios by the creating conceptual model within the information obtained and then transferring it into numerical model.

Office Studies

  • Examining the previous studies of the research and surrounding area.
  • The transfer and process of data obtained during analysis phase.
  • Formation of the conceptual model.
  • Estimating observation points that will be used during the calibration of the model within the actual system.
  • Approching the closest to the real system numerical modeling within optimization and parameter estimation methods and approach.

In-situ Studies

  • Control of Hydrogeological Drillings
  • Execution or Control of the Aquifer Testing
  • Coordination during the installation of meteorological and surface water observations stations

Aquifer Tests
Aquifer tests are important in order to determine the aquifer properties which are required for installation of both conceptual and numerical model.

In order to monitor during or after the completion of the hydrogeological observation wells, we can follow one or more of the test services that stated below;

Packer test: Packer testing is determination of the hydraulic parameters by applying pressurized water into the aquifer. It can be applied by single or double packer during drilling or after the completion of the well.
Pump test: Pump test that consists of gradualand constant flow rate pumping stages appoints the well efficiency, hydraulic parameters of aquifer and boundary conditions of aquifer.
Airlift test: Obtaining water dischargeby compressing airinto the well. This procedure can be applied during orafter drilling.
Slug test: Generally executed for unproductivewells established on units that has low lateral flow rate, in order to estimate the hydrogeologicalunits.

Test Analysis: After the completion of field tests, following analysis can be executed based on the test type;

  • Well Efficiency: Determining the sustainability and safety withdrawal factors of the water well.
  • Hydraulic parameters: Aquifer conductivity, storage coefficient estimation of hydrogeological unit.
  • Boundary Conditions: Determination of the boundary conditions of the conditions that affects the aquifer flow byapplying derivative analysis on data of pump test and interpretation about the physical processes that occur during test being performed.

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Water Supply Study

Water supply studies are the evaluation of hydrogeological and geophysical data of the site, execute drilling exploration and conducting productive drilling phasethrough this information.

Office Studies
  • Includes digitization of the data obtained from the site,
  • Execution of geological models,
  • Questioning the appropriateness of hydrogeological conceptual model,
  • Determination of the locations of exploratory wells,
  • Completion and interpretation of required aquifer tests.
In-situ Studies
  • Can be ordered as: Execution of geology and hydrogeology maps,
  • Detailing of structural elements,
  • Geophysical studies,
  • Search and drilling of the exploratory wells.

Dewatering Studies: Dewatering studies are the work carried out in order to removal of the groundwater that is located and composing an obstacle for any kind of project site away from the site.

Current Status & Planning Studies
  • Hydrogeological Conceptualization
  • Executing Aquifer Testing
  • Determination of Aquifer Characteristics
  • Numerical modeling studies in accordance with the needs and planning
Continuous Monitoring Studies

Monitoring the groundwater levels and reporting the status of the groundwater on monthly basisduring the operation period.

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