Preparation of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Plan

Industrial (hazardous and non-hazardous) Waste Management Plan
(This must be prepared by Every Industrial Facility that Produces Industrial Waste.)

Information on the Waste Plant Manufacturer Industry

  1. Facility Contact Information:
    • Firm Name:
    • Address, Telephone and Fax Number:
    • Taxpayer Identification Number:
    • Owner of the Facility (Authorized Person):
  2. Contact Information of Person Responsible for Waste Management in the Company:
    • First Name - Last Name,
    • Address, Telephone and Fax Number:
  3. Detailed Information About the Source and Composition of the Waste:
  4. Regulation on the General Principles of Waste Management Appendix-IV 6 Digit Waste Code at Waste List (amount, recycling and/or disposal type should be indicated separately for each waste code.)
  5. 5. Waste Amount:
    • Waste amount of previous year, waste production amount for the declared year, next year's waste amount forecast,
    • Recycle/disposal plans for estimated future waste generation (with percentages),
    • Technical and financial explanation if facility is considered a change in the process for the reduction of process waste.

The facilities which wastes sent for collection-separation/recycling and disposal (If the wastes sent to different facilities information should be given for each facility.)

  1. Tesis iletişim bilgileri; (Firm Name, Address, Telephone and Fax Number)
  2. If available, the license, temporary activities certificate, environmental permit and license certificate, license number or collection of environmental permit separation document number and validity period:
  3. Facility Authority Name and Surname:
  4. Type of facilities which wastes sent to (collection-separation/recycling/disposal), D&R codes in the Appendix-II-A and B of Regulation on the General Principles of Waste Management, amount of waste sent for each facility and percentage according to the total waste amount:
  5. If the waste producing company has its own waste disposal facility and the disposal of waste is being this way (ex. hospital clinical waste incineration etc.) information about disposal unit (Plans and Methods):
  6. Reason must be explained by the waste producing company for Non-recyclable waste sent for disposal. (ex. the high cost of recycling, lack of proper recycling facility, lack of market of the recovered material etc.)


  • Waste Declaration Form,
  • National Waste Transportation Form
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