Environmental Permit

Definition of Environmental Permits, Environmental Law need to be taken for at least one of the subjected issues as, emissions, discharges, noise control, deep sea discharge and contain hazardous substance discharge.

License is issued for formations that could be used technical competency related to waste collection, recovery, recycling and disposal.

Property/business owners are required to carry out environmental impact of operations within the permitted criteria by the regulations and to and minimize the damage to the environment.

For this purpose, according to the required Permits and Licenses as stated in Environmental Law that was published in Official Journal dated 29.04.2009 -numbered 27214 and came into force. According to the Annex 1 or Annex 2 of the provisions of the Regulation liststofulfill the obligations of the activities according to the definition, ensure that all the requirements and permits / licenses are available in order to work.In case of lack of environmental permit / license recieved from Ministry and / or the Provincial Directorates of Environment operations cannot continue. Legislations related to permits and licensing phases have been determined, process is carried out by provision of the conditions and applying to the Ministry and / or the Provincial Directorates of Environment Planning.

Within the scope of 11.12.2010 dated and 27757 numbered Regulation on Environmental Officer and Consulting Firms, in 02.07.2011, Ekonorm Environment received the Certificate of Competence in Environmental Consulting qualification and continue to operate as environmental consultant for mining, energy, recycling, food, metal works, chemical, metallurgical facilities within an experienced staff of Environment Workers.

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