Preparation and Application of Environmental Emergency Action Plan

Businesses are constantly confronted with unexpected dangers due to, operating conditions, uncertainties and changes of surrounding area, and livelihood depends protecting themselves from these dangers.

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In case of existing natural environment risks of facilities such as flood, earthquake, fire, pressure vessels or chemicals explosion that cause the destruction events that are beyond human control (environmental emergency situations), to increase awareness of employees and managers that will allow them to be prepared for these emergencies, constituting an emergency action plan is necessary. Emergency operation plan topics;

  • Emergency status, identification and management,
  • Environment management system and worker's health and safety management system requirements,
  • Prevention of Emergency,
  • Control and elimination of after-effects of an emergency,
  • Company evaluation of applications.

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Disaster Management
Within the common purpose of prevention of disasters and reduce damage, preparation in advance, rescue and first aid, coordination and implementation of rehabilitation and reconstruction phases for all the institutions and organizations of society that require a lot of resources to manage this broad concept.

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