Environment And Pollution

Air Pollution /Water Pollution / Soil Pollution /Noise Pollution /Radiation Pollution

Environment; is surroundings or conditions of an organism and earth has been developed within the first living being. It can also be defined as the ecosystem. Air, water and soil physical elements of the environment, human, animal, plant and other micro-organisms constitute the biological factors.

These adversely affects on the physical conditions, causes of the structural damage on non-living environmental elements and intensive mixing of the disrupting foreign substances within air, water and land is called Pollution.

In other words, pollution is leftover loads from the self-cleaning power of nature caused by extra disrupting foreign substances. Under normal conditions, self-cleaning feature of the nature, as a result of variety activities of human which the pollution is beyond it`s power to clean this contamination.

Lifestyle requirements due to increasing population, unplanned urbanization, regional wars, only investment-oriented industrial growth, technological advances and all kinds of dimensions are causing environmental pollution stage which is impossible to compensate.

56th article of the Constitution states that "Everyone has the right to live in a healthy and balanced environment. Improving the environment, protecting the health of the environment and prevent pollution of the environment shall be the duty of the state and citizens" which clearly shows that sensitivity to environmental protection and pollution prevention is necessary.

Environmental pollution is seen as air, water, soil, noise, radiation.

Air Pollution

Air Pollution is the amount, intensity and duration of the presence of solid, liquid and gaseous impurities in the atmosphere which harms human health, living life and the ecological balance. Because the air has ability to renew itself over time, certain amount intoxication may dissapear. Air pollution caused by volcanic eruptions, forest fires cleans up in such time. However, as result of the formation of a high amount of harmful substances caused by industry, motor vehicles, warming based factors pollutant affects human health.

Water Pollution

The most required subject for the life, the wateris very much affected by environmental pollution.Factory waste, household cleaners, pesticides, fertilizers, sea vessels from the fuel oil, burnt oil and tars cause negative changes on chemical, physical, bacteriological, radioactive andecological characteristics of the water supply thus cause contaminationof water.

Contaminants in water threaten human health as well as the impacting negatively on organisms living in the water.

Soil Pollution

Soil is the final storage for contained pollutants of the water. Soil is the carrier component of the terrestrial ecosystem. The changes on soil quality affects on both natural and the efficiency of agricultural ecosystems.

Soil mineral fertilizers given to soil and pesticides used for drugs, industrial waste, leaks from nuclear power plants, unhydrated lime, industry, transportation, acid rain caused by gases into the air as a result of heating causes soil pollution.

Soil pollution endangers the vital functions of living things, thenharmful substances exceed into plants which is the main feeding source for living beings whos health gets affected negatively.

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Noise Pollution

Noise can be described as adversely affect on the people and unpleasant sounds.

Atmospheric phenomenas such as rapid population growth, the increased use of technology products by the improvement of living standards, the development of industry, heavy traffic, children's parks, entertainment venues, sport fields, rain, lightning and wind causes noise pollution.

Noise pollution, hearing loss, hypertension, cholesterol, adrenaline rush, stress, startle can leave such a physical damage and also this can cause behavioral disorders such as aggression, motivation disorder,psychological disorders.

Radiation Pollution

Radioactive substances mixing in the air, water and soil is called radioactive contamination. Harmful rays and particles emitted by radioactive substances in the environment are called radiation.

Nuclear power plants, x-ray machines, nuclear weapons and bombs are radiation sources. Emitted electrons of radioactive substances into the soil, air, water, plants, animals and the human through the food chain very quickly and disrupts the balance of electrons in living cells. As a result, the cells cannot perform their normal function. The effects of radiation continues for many years and forms continuous genetic risk.

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