Ecosystem Assessment Report

There has been views and criticisms against HEPP projects in Turkey and especially in terms of ecosystem required assessment are not followed properly and integrated approach has not been taken into consideration.

Ekonorm Mühendislik Ekosistem Değerlendirme

According to statement of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Turkish Republic in01.24.2011;
“... considering the balance of use and protection, the General Directorate formes opinions about the process during the Environmental Impact Assessment pertinent to necessary measures for biodiversity, ensure continuity of the natural life and the amount of water needed in order to ensure continuity of the natural life”

Ekonorm Mühendislik Ekosistem DeğerlendirmeEkonorm Mühendislik Ekosistem Değerlendirme

For these reasons, it became necessary to for all the projects regardless the status of the protect area, including hydroelectric power plant projects and applications for project promotion to be subjected to scientific evaluation.

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