Designing Water Treatment Plant and Conveyance Line Projects

First phase is selecting the source of the water, and then the next phase is transporting water to the demanded region. This transportation line from the source of water to region of demand is called conveyance line. In general, conveyance lines consist of water-bearing component and the necessary equipment required. Open canals, tunnels, aqueducts and pipes made of various materials are being used as water-bearing components.

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There after people began to live together, there was endeavor to carry requisite water to their community. According to records, the first pipe was built of terra cotta in Crete around 2000 B.C. Pipes resistant up to 19 kg/cm2 pressure were found in the ruins of Pergamum. Romans and Ottomans built the world-renowned aqueducts. Even now, aqueducts and tunnels are being widely used.

According to the flow pattern of the Conveyance lines, Conveyance Line Types are reviewed as two groups:

  • Free-surface Conveyance Lines
  • Stressed Conveyance Lines
Ekonorm Mühendislik Arıtma Tesisi ve İsale Hatları Projelendirme
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